40 and Broke!

Get Out of Debt

As a professional coach I have some great skills in helping to motivate individuals past their own blocks into achieving their goals. Certainly coaching people with money problems is not a very profitable venture. Knowing this, I do my personal finance coaching at reduced rates compared to my regular coaching practice (I work with people in recovery and athletes – chrisaguilar.net).

If you are in debt, you can get out of it. I promise. It takes a lot of accountability and hard work. But if you are willing you can do it. I have done it and so have millions of others. The reality is if you are over 40 and have no retirement or are not even thinking of it – you are in a world of hurt. The one thing I want to communicate to you is that this not just about plugging the income hole. This is about identifying the things that are keeping you from building wealth.

For coaching, I can perform services in my Torrance office for those in the Los Angeles area. Packages include:

  • Initial meeting to go over your current situation (about an hour to hour and a half)
  • Bi Weekly Follow Up for one month
  • Monthly Follow Up for Three Months
  • We work together for a total of 90 days to start off
  • At the end of it all you will have an operating budget, a set of goals and milestones and a pathway to success!
  • Total for this is $300 – and I am willing to do this on a sliding scale based on how bad your situation might be.

For those out of Los Angeles – I do all of the above for $250
OR – Just do an initial meeting with me, it will take about 2 hours – I will return back to you a plan – total $100

Purchase your option below to get started or contact me to arrange alternate payment options

Plans and Pricing