Before we got married, my girlfriend and I got into place in our relationship where we started talking about the future and building a life together. It was then I got that same old sinking feeling in my stomach. I had experienced it many times in relationships. The future = Money. I had none. I was actually in the negative. Luckily for the year previous to us meeting the idea of the future started to really scare me. I was 40 years old, retirement for most is 65. But I am a freelancer with no actual savings, no IRA, no plans for retirement. At my pace, I was going to be working till my 80’s. I stumbled upon Dave Ramsey and his amazing baby steps. I had begun changing my life.

I was $20k in debt to the IRS. I had already paid off over $50k in credit cards, but the IRS was that big scary gorilla that I lived in constant fear of. Fast forward a year later, the IRS debt is gone. I am debt free. I have a chance at a future. I got lots of help along the way – not just from The Dave Ramsey method, but from other resources as well.

As a Certified Life Coach, I help individuals solve problems and accomplish goals. I simply had to take my own turn in being coached to achieve my own goals. Now I use my coaching skills and experience to help others in my shoes. Certainly the things I discuss can work for everyone, but really for those of us who are later in our lives this idea of retirement and planning ahead is filled with fear and trepidation. It’s my hope that you find ways in this site to remove some of the fears that keep you financially bound like I once was.

Let’s be honest. Coaching people with money problems isn’t the most profitable area of my practice. Thus, I do this service and offer everything super discounted off my regular rates. With you, we will do more email check in’s and one monthly call. When I struggling, I could not afford all of the services out there, so my goal is to create a way for ANYONE to get the help they want and need if they want to do the work!

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